Terms and Conditions (between the event organizer and Tickset AB)

Scope of agreement

These Terms and Conditions are related to the use of https://tickset.com and any service delivered on tickset.com. These Terms and Conditions will be updated regularly.

Tickset AB do not use individual agreements, creating account, events and selling tickets is done completely based on the current information on the website https://tickset.com

The user always has the right to delete their account and stop using any of the services provided by Tickset AB. Accounts may only be deleted if there are np active events.

Tickset AB reserves the rights to;

  • Modify and delete accounts that disputes these Terms and Conditions

  • Deny the use of Tickset ABs services

  • Delete or change content that is illegal, fraud, provocing, unsuitable or damages Tickset ABs services or trademark

Information about events

Tickset AB offers its services as is. Tickset AB holds no responsibilities for any mistakes made by the service or any of Tickset ABs employees. Tickset and Ticksets partners holds no responsibility and will not compensate for any losses of income or data.

The event organizer is responsible for all event related information or information that has been input from the event organizer.

The event organizer is responsible of telling Tickset AB if any unauthorized has gained control of your account.

The event organizer is responsible for submitting the correct information when creating the account.

The event organizer admits that Tickset AB can save, change och delete the information.

Immaterial Rights

Tickset AB holds no responsibility for pictures, text or any information that the event organizer submits to Tickset ABs services.

Cancelled events

Tickset AB holds no responsibility concerning cancelled events.


There is no fixed fee for using Tickset ABs services. The fee for using Tickset ABs services is as communicated on https://tickset.com. The price for the tickets is the responsibility of the event organizer.

In order to sell tickets using Tickets ABs services the event organizer must have a Stripe Connected account and has authorized Tickets AB to make transactions were money goes directly from the ticket buyer to the event organizer. Tickset AB will only keep the pricing per ticket communicated on https://tickset.com.

The transaction cost for the Stripe payments is to be payed by the event organizer.

Tickset AB will add VAT of 25% to any fees payed to Tickset AB for usage of the service for customers from Sweden. From customers outside Sweden there will be no VAT added if a valid VAT registration number is added.

Tickets that are free, will have no cost for using Tickset ABs services.

Vouchers and promotions

Vouchers and promotions are valid for new accounts only, if nothing else stated, and any vouchers can only be used if you have had fees for over the voucher amount. To collect your voucher, contact support after the voucher has become active and your aggregated fees are over the stated amount.


Tickset AB holds no responsibility for payouts, since this is handled by Stripe.


Tickset AB is only the service used to create events, tickets and does at no part in time hold funds on behalf of the event organizer. Any cancelled events or bankruptcy for the event organizer or any of Tickset ABs partners is no responsibility for Tickset AB.

The event organizer is not allowed to transfer/sell the account to third party.

The event organizer is responsible that ticket prices, information about the event, VAT and taxes are correctly informed about.

The event organizer may not sell tickets that they are not the organizer of or has the right to sell tickets to.

Tickset ABs services may not be used to sell Tickets of events they are not the organizers of.

If any charges are applied to Tickset AB, then Tickset AB has full rights to recourse any charges on the event organizer and Tickset AB should have no damages from any charges.